Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jungle Rain Forest Spotted Cat

"Rain Forest Jungle Spotted Cat"
"Margay  Landscape Painting"
The "Jungle with the thick Green Forest" is the perfect "Habitat" the "Spotted Cat" the "Margay". This predator lives here in "Central America" and is seen in the "Protected Rain Forests" of Costa Rica.  
"Jungle Margay Spotted Cat"
Landscape Painting    Jungle Paintings and Photographs
The "Green Jungle Rain Forests" of "Central America" offer "Animals" the "habitat" in which to survive.  "Volcano" Arenal here in "Costa Rica" offers "Spotted Cats such as the Jaguar" a "Jungle Rainforest" in which to thrive .."Wildlife" is abundant here with Century old "Green Forest Trees" , Rivers that run off "Arenal Volcano" 
These "Wild Animals" are rarely seen, in the " Jungles of Central America". I am grateful the "Costa Rica" has a "Rain Forest Reserves", so "Wildlife has an Environmental   Park. Costa Rica, the "Country of Green Jungles and Rain Forests teaming with Wildlife"
William Patterson
Wildlife Artist
La Fortuna   Costa Rica

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